Hello World! I'm Vinayaka K V

I build software that matters.

I was working with computers from an early age. My memory of drawing mountains in mspaint.exe in Windows 98 is still vivid. I remember my joy of successfully installing Windows XP, and, waiting for months to download 6GB Mac OS X Snow Leopard and build a Hackintosh 🤩.

I was introduced to programming with BASIC and LOGO and found them to be enjoyable. My real application-oriented programming started on the Hackintosh with me writing C programs to verify my Math homework 😅! Later on, I learned many programming languages, thanks to nice IDEs and code suggestion support! Nowadays, I’m comfortable with many programming languages, since they share common ideologies.

During my formal CS education at SJCE and NITK, I was working on several projects ranging from Client-Sever Systems, P2P Systems, and Deep Learning. You can check some of them in my GitHub Profile!

I’m in the IT industry for around a year and working with IaC using Pulumi, tooling using TypeScript and NodeJS, and, building UI using React. Currently, I’m exploring VueJS, GIS, and Functional Programming. Apart from my work, I also built Benaka Malnad Stores, an E-Commerce website for our family-owned business.

Apart from programming, I also hunt mountains, do photography and write about nature! ->

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk anything about programming, environment, and coffee ☕!


I write about the projects I've worked on, experience and learnings along the way

Recursive Types

An exploration of recursive logic in the type domain

16 Sep 2023

Making Types Work for You

How to TypeScript without writing types

07 Sep 2023

Lazy is hard

Implementing Lazy access in TS with Key Mapping

06 Aug 2022

Lazy is Easy

Evaluating lazy helps to save computation power. But, how we can implement one?

23 Jul 2022

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